If you want to know more about me – well, there’s Peter Scargill’s CV for one thing – but you’re probably more interested in what I do and that can be found on the tech blog. 

Briefly for those who are very impatient, the Home Control Project esp-go uses as the control elements, ESP-12 based boards (such as the WEMOS or NODEMCU boards) which are reliable, very low cost WIFI-accessible controllers – along with C software (not modified Arduino code but C code working directly with the Espressif SDK (version 2.1+) to be found in the ROMS you will discover here once you read the blog.  These can be controlled by MQTT – a very simple communications protocol with an extremely short learning curve.

In the Home Control project we use the likes of a Raspberry Pi or similar, running Node-Red – which is a visual programming environment – all free of course (well apart from the boards which you can get from China for very little money) – but don’t waste time here, this is a repository for the files – head on over to the tech blog for more.