If you want to know more about me – well, there’s my CV for one thing – but you’re probably more interested in what I do and that can be found on my blog.¬†

Briefly for those who are very impatient, the Home Control Project uses as the control elements, ESP-12 based boards (such as the WEMOS or NODEMCU boards) which are reliable, very low cost WIFI-accessible controllers Рalong with C software (not modified Arduino code but C code working directly with the Espressif SDK (version 2+) to be found in the ROMS you will discover here once you read the blog.  These can be controlled by MQTT Рa very simple communications protocol with an extremely short learning curve.

In the Home Control project we use the likes of a Raspberry Pi or similar, running Node-Red – which is a visual programming environment – all free of course (well apart from the boards which you can get from China for very little money) – but don’t waste time here, this is a repository for the files – head on over to the blog for more.